If you are a runner like me, you most likely use some method to track your running. One of the things that attracts me to running the most is the competition. I have only run in one race and don’t feel a large compulsion to run in many more, but the competition with myself stands out as a driving force behind my running. It is almost like I daily challenge myself.

As I run I have found that I bounce between using two different apps to track my competition with myself. As an iOS user, historically I have enjoyed the simplicity of using iRun to quickly and simply track my runs. During my brief stint as an Android OS user I found RunKeeper offered a usable platform that tracked tons of data. Now I find myself using them both. I wanted to see if I could narrow it down to one over the other, and as I began to look at the pros & cons of each here’s what I found:

iRun – Quick easy way to input data and readily go back to the logs and check it. You can easily name your routes and specify the type of run it was, the weather, etc. You can also track running via a pair of shoes. For those anal retentive people like me, this is cool. No maps (so you have to know how far you are running), no friends involved… Just you and the run.

RunKeeper – GPS. You can run with a device, like an iPhone, and track your run via GPS. As you run you can set it to update you on distance or time, you total time, your average pace and your current pace. Sweet. You can track for free online and get other friends involved in your running experience. If not using the GPS, inputting the data is a little more complex and dare I say annoying.

Which is better? You tell me. I like them both for different reasons and most likely won’t stop using either. Call me crazy.

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