This week was a great week of running. Very refreshing, reminded me of why I love to run.

Sunday – Neglected to run this day
Monday – Ran 4.1 miles with Gray. It was very enjoyable and good.
Tuesday – Neglected to run… although I did do some ab work.
Wednesday – Ran up and worked out then ran home, but I took a little bit longer route home up through town around lake Susannah. Very nice run. It felt super good. 4.6 total
Thursday – this turned out to be a really long day and I elected to go to bed with my wife and not run. I will probably regret not running tonite. Oh well, it is too late.
Friday – Yikes I just ran 7 miles at the Saint Cloud Lakefront on East Lake Toho. That brought back tons of memories.
Saturday – This five mile run capped off a 20 mile week for me. The first of the year and of many to come. I am pleased with the distance and pace of the run. I ran using my iPhone an the RunKeeper app, which I don’t normally do. My first mile I ran in 9:56 and the fifth mile I ran in 8:59. I am very happy with that kind of progression of the course of the run.

What I Learned/Realized while running this week:
I formed some thoughts on the two apps I use to track my running. I use RunKeeper and iRun. I will post a follow up probably tomorrow outlining my thoughts on the two. I am uber exceed to have hit my 20 mile mark this week. These last two days were killer though.

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