Ever had one of those where everyone in your family got up on the wrong side of the bed days? We had one like that today. Everyone, my dogs and kids both, seemed as though they had lost their minds today. The boys were just full throttle all night and all day.

It started last evening with Gray (our Weim) peeing in the house when we made a run for dinner. Then at about 3a Hayden decided that come hell or high water he was not going to sleep in his own bed. He screamed and screamed and acted like he had lost his mind. He finally capitulated. All 3 of the boys woke up before 7:30a this morning ready to go. Ready to go and pitch more fits, that is.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, when we went for lunch Gray peed in the house again (yes he is being let out before we leave). So Ronda and her sisters, mom and nieces leave for a girls weekend in Daytona and I pack the boys and dogs to head to the in-laws for back up… it’s been one of those days where I know I need to even the odds a little. They boys make the packing and getting ready process anything but painless.

We get in the car and get over to my in-laws. Take the dogs in and put them on the back porch. Go back to get bags and turn around and go into house. Noah drops his bag in the front room and heads to the back porch to run on the treadmill. He returns stating a dog has pooped and peed on the porch. 5 minutes in & there is pee and poop. I hate my dogs. I clean up the second round of dog excrements for the day. Not 10 minutes later there is more pee on the floor. I really hate my dogs. At least the boys have calmed down.

I guess this is what life is like as a dad. Deep inside I don’t mind it. I would rather have the headache, the hassle and the full-throttle boys than not have them. It was at this point I decided, maybe I should just calm down a little. So I did.

Noah and Hayden rode with their poppa to get food for supper and I relaxed and did some ework. Jagger went down super early tonight and remains asleep. He needed it. When noah got home from the store he wanted to play a ‘challenge’ game of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. So we did.

Noah gets a little ramped up when he plays this game so we had to limit our number of rounds.

This post is essentially pointless except to remind us all of the specialness of the mundane. This hasn’t been a particularly special day to me, but the boys have enjoyed every moment of it.

I love my family and I love being a dad.

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