20120119-110746.jpgI sometimes wonder where Jesus would spend the bulk of his time if he was a pastor today. It seems like in the Gospel accounts he was very concerned with the immediate needs of the people around him.

I think if we take an honest look at the miracles he performed we will see a Jesus who was fixing an immediate need in order to have an audience for the eternal needs.

It’s as though Jesus says to those around him, ‘If I can meet these immediate needs, maybe you should give me a chance to meet the eternal ones too’. I think each miracle was first and foremost to alleviate the need at hand, and they had a secondary purpose of setting up a dialogue for those touched by the miracle to consider Jesus as an option to fill their greater need for salvation.

I believe Jesus healed people because he was genuinely moved by their plight. This seems congruent with a gracious God who loves his children.

This all came to my mind during life group Monday as we talked through some thoughts that John brought out during his teaching on heaven this past Sunday.

My dad used to throw around the old cliché ‘people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.’

It is true. I think that is what Jesus was building on with the miracles he performed. At H2O we make an effort to care about people and their story. We make an effort to model Jesus’ example and meet the immediate need so that we can have an audience for the eternal need.


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