So I started the week right by heading out for a run. It felt much better to start the week with a run. As was mentioned in the close of last week’s post, I finished the first week a little behind where I wanted to be. It’ll be ok because I will make it up during the rest of this month. You have to look at the big picture and not get bogged down by the little shortcomings that happen along the way.

  1. Sunday – ran my loop and realized it is 4.1 not just 4 mi. Hey those .1 mi will add up over the course of a year.
  2. Monday – didn’t run but enjoyed the BCS National Championship
  3. Tuesday – ran 4 miles of the 4.1 mile loop pushing the stroller with 110 lbs of kiddos in it. After I ran I then did P90X Ab Ripper.
  4. Wednesday – took the night off to work for Ronda getting some things wrapped up in her cases.
  5. Thursday – Ran 2.04 miles to Planet Fitness and 1.97 home for a total of 4.01 miles. Stop drinking pop.
  6. Friday –  Ran with Gray and he loved it. Despite him making 3 stops to poop I enjoyed having him with me. Just short of half-way the heartburn kicked in. I really need to stop drinking pop.
  7. Saturday –

What I Learned/Realized while running this week:

  1. I need to stop drinking pop. The acid reflux/heartburn that goes along with drinking pop is the biggest hindrance to my running game. It’s an almost breath-taking burning sensation in my chest. Yeah, it’s as pleasant as it sounds.
  2. I really need to drop gluten and carbonated pop from my diet.

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