This is the first week of the new year and it was not the ease into this journey for this year that I hoped for. I made the mistake of starting the year by not running on the first day (we did take my mom, sister and niece in addition to my family to the Wilderness Lodge for the geyser, hot chocolate and the boat light parade). Anyway, here is how the week shaped up:

1. Sunday – did not run as was aforementioned.
2. Monday – ran 2.1 miles with our new dog, Shelby, who all but refused to run with me… and it was bitter cold and I had NOT dressed the part.
3. Tuesday – ran 1.5 miles in the gym on a treadmill. I wanted to hang myself afterwards. I hate running on a treadmill… as evidenced by only running 1.5 miles.
4. Wednesday – ran my 4.1 mile loop around Lake Baldwin. It was cold this night as well, but I dressed for it and had a very nice enjoyable run. Looking forward to tomorrow’s run.
5. Thursday – ran 4.1 mile loop around Lake Baldwin in afternoon. Not sure I like this as much as running at night. It wasn’t hot, but it seemed as though it was.
6. Friday – ran my loop in reverse and I think I might have gone further than 4 miles by a short bit. Will map it here in a minute. Total run for tonite was 4.55 mi. Very nice.
7. Saturday – TMI alert – I fell asleep on the toilet playing zombie highway so I went to bed without running.

What I Learned/Realized while running this week:
1. I like way more of the songs on Linkin Park’s Minutes to Midnight album than I had originally thought. Tons of those songs are great.
2. I used to love to run with a dog… now I don’t. Ever since Raizon died, I just can’t get into the flow of running with a dog. Ran with both of them last week once and it was chaos. Shelby made it dang near impossible to run Monday night.
3. I was also reminded that I hate the cold and hate running in the cold even more.
4. I remembered it is better to start the week with good running days mileage-wise so that I don’t have to play catch up at the end of the week.
5. I prefer to run at night.

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