On Sunday, the first day of the year, I had the opportunity to do something I haven’t done in a really long time: I worked on a project with my dad. We set out to complete a few repairs on my motorcycle.
My dad noticed my seat was in need of repair and offered to sew it back together for me. I had to trim the plastic under the seat so that we could pull the vinyl close enough to sew it together. He does a really good job sewing. Check out the photo of the seat after he got finished with it. He mentioned it didn’t look great, but it looked better. I asked him if he had seen the rest of the bike?
While dad worked on the seat, I finally got around to wiring my push button start. Ever since an untimely fall to the garage floor, in which my starter button was inadvertently knocked off (no other damage was done to the bike anywhere) I have been utilizing a hot wire scenario where I have to literally cross the wires in order to get the bike to start. Not the ideal, but it works. So, I finally got around to putting the push button on. Here’s what it looks like. Also, not great but at least I don’t have to hot wire it anymore.
Last thing we worked on was the exhaust pipe. I have always wanted to chop it short. After much research, I have concluded no damage will be done to the motor by chopping it to where I find it visually appealing. So I did. It makes for a mean sound. It is not a V-Twin, but it sounds good… better. I really dig it. I shot this brief video with my iPhone so that you can enjoy the sound it makes too.
Yes, Mad Max is slowing becoming the sweet hotness of a bike that I have always known it could be. One step at a time.

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