You are now enjoying the first post of 2012.

This morning I was able to lead H2O Church into 2012 by bringing the teaching this morning. I challenged our church to enter into a New Year’s Covenant with God as we enter 2012. Don’t fret, I will post my message in as many formats as possible so that you too can be challenged and enter a covenant with God for 2012.

As I look forward to this year I see it is going to be a great one. For the first time in many years I begin the year hopeful and expectant. I can say I ended 2011 on a good note, knowing God is moving in my life as he directs me towards his future and his goals. God began a work and healing in me many years ago that I am allowing him to bring into fruition. I see his hand moving me along his path.

2012 is going be to be good.

I expect God to move in my life.

I expect my life to gravitate towards God this year.

Will you stand with me and journey closet to God?

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