I like to read. I like to read a lot. I’m an old-fashioned reader too. I say that because I like to read books.

I like magazines too. Has to be the right ones. Magazine-wise it has to be recreational. Things like Outside, Runner’s World, mountain bike magazines, climbing mags sometimes, motorcycles mags, and church leadership-type stuff.

But, I say old-fashioned because I like to read books not ebooks. I like to feel the pages in my hands, mark them up with a pen and have the whole I got a book experience. It’s just better that way to me.

I will often read one book. What is more common is that I will work my way through several books at a time. Like right now. I started reading Batman and Philosophy last month (if you are waiting for the promised 1st chapter review, I swear it’ll be out this week with subsequent chapter reviews each week). I also got a free book in the mail from someone I follow on Twitter. Strangely enough, it’s a book about making a social impact using social media. Seemed like a good read and it was free. I began that book when it came in the mail. And today I picked up Seth Godin’s Linchpin. I will probably crack that and begin it this weekend, tonight or tomorrow.

This is fairly common for me, to have my nose in a couple of books. It works for me.

What can I say, I like to read.




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