I like to throw around words like vintage, classic, retro, and old school.
What I like about using these words is they somehow convey an awesomeness about the stuff they are describing. If something is ‘vintage’ it is somehow cooler than its non-‘vintage’ counterpart. What amuses me the most about such words is they are all terms we use to make old crappy stuff sound suddenly cool again.
Think about it… my ‘new’ 1985 BMW 318i is classically styled, retro in design and awesome. Much cooler than owning a new one. Or think about Porsches. The older they are the cooler. Jeeps, same thing.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not old stuff isn’t cool… I just wonder why we use terms to make them seem or sound cooler than they are. Shouldn’t they be able to stand on their own merit?
Like the 80s.
We should forget that decade and move on… but we can’t because even I have tons of things I like about the 80s. No it is not the hair styles or even the music. Many of my fav things come from the 80’s: my 1986 GSX-R1100, my 1985 BMW 318i, my old 1984 Jeep Scrambler I used to own, G.I. Joe, Transformers, Pitfall and parachute pants. It doesn’t get any better than those things.
But why do we have to dress things up and make them seem new again? Is it because of the innate restless and dissatisfaction inside us as humans? Or is it because we are trying to make money? Do we really think people have forgotten how well something was made years ago that we need to update its image? Or do we not want people to look down on us because we can’t afford the new? If we dress up and spectacularize the old, then it suddenly becomes better to have the old than it is to have the new.
Are we covering for our own sense of insecurities? Think about the Garden of Eden… after Adam and Eve had eaten the fruit from the tree God told them to stay away from they hid in the bushes because they naked and ashamed. They tried to cover their newfound insecurities regarding their nakedness. None of us are working with a newfound insecurity or embarrassment for being naked (we all have had this for years!) but maybe we are/do try to cover for another insecurity. Maybe its because we can’t afford new clothes, so we shop at thrift stores and attempt to make it seem cool hat we bought someone else’s old thrown out clothes. I am in no way making a statement about shopping at thrift stores, but illustrating how we sometimes cover for our insecurities. Or how I can’t afford anything but old crappy cars, so I gotta use words like retro, vintage and classic to make my old POS sound cool.
My GSX-R1100 is a perfect example. It looks like hell. But it fits me. There would be no reason for me to try and sell it, because no one else would want it. Bottom line. It is that way because of the hack job I performed on it. So I talk about how cool it is to have done that to it to make it seem cooler than it is… I digress.
Is the old really the new new or are we just trying to compensate and cover our insecurities?

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