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Heck, if I know or was that the Heck with it?

I feel the need to write something here… it has been a little lean as of late. I apologize… I am not keeping my end of the deal. I have things I want to write on, just haven’t made the time to do so. I sit in class, and it is close to being over. This is the last class session of this class and I start a new class next Thursday night. I have 2 more classes left in the program, plus internship classes. At this point, I just want to get the course work done. I’m taking the heck with it approach.

So here I am a day later, coming back to finish writing whatever thoughts I might have started. I now sit in bed with Ronda laying next to me asleep. I’m listening to Fireflight. They were quite good when they came to H2O back in May or whenever it was. Very nice.

I got things in my head, but don’t know how to go about getting them out. I’m blowing up my Evernote with half-cocked, disjointed thoughts to post up here. I suppose if I start with this one, maybe I will get somewhere. I am waiting for a video to upload to YouTube from my phone and then I will be able to post that. It is ok. I’ve been thinking through some verses and share some thoughts on them.

I spoke with a preacher man that I used to work with today. We spoke about a number of things and one of them being the church I used to work at. I was saddened to hear things are in a rocky patch right now. I wish it was not so. My friend relayed to me that many of our closest friends at the church (and our life group there) were no longer coming to the church. I am sure it is bigger than me, but it kinda feels like we are gone and now they don’t go to church there anymore. This bothers me… connection with a church isn’t about me. That’s why I say it is probably bigger than me and my pride is telling me that I have a larger role in their decision-making than I actually do. This I can live with.

I tweeted today that I conversion back to the dark side is almost complete. I wanted to mention it here, but I will not let that cat out of the bag yet.

This is really a nonsense post… I’m done writing this, because I want to write on other things you might want to read.

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  1. Oh brother…you and I know “it’s bigger than you”. Talk to the people and find out their “why” so you don’t have to “wonder”.

  2. I know it is bigger than me. Just felt a little bad for the church and the staff there. I wanna catch up with you guys and see what’s going on in life. Cool things happening at H2O, would love to share them with you guys.

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