Well, two weeks ago I was in Chicago for a conference and while I didn’t have a post hit the web on M, W, F I did have a few posts drop that week. I thought I had scheduled them appropriately, but not so much. The second half of that week I was in south Florida with Ronda and Jagger hanging out why friends and family. All in all that was a great week. It was wonderful to spend time with friends that we haven’t seen in years. Some of the friends we saw were friends we saw often several years ago as we all lived in the same town. Congregating with these friends (and a few others) were some of the best times of our life. I have great friends that I enjoy seeing now, but I dare say the kind of community of friends we had in Gainesville will likely never be rivaled.

Last week was intense. Having been gone an entire week paid a heavy toll of my family and my ability to accomplish much last week. I spent copious hours during the week trying to organize and finalize my names database in order to have a better handle on who I needed to contact and when. I was very consumed with this activity and fruitlessly spent way too much time on it. I made much headway, but it was a 1 step forward 2 backwards scenario.

So here we are having ended the week and begun a new one with no blog posts last week. I am truly sorry. I got ideas and I just need to spit them out.

I wanted to share some other events that have gone on recently in my life in general. A couple of weeks ago I started to coach Noah & Hayden’s soccer team. This is my second season as a soccer coach. I coach a U8 team, which is misleading because I don’t think we have any 8 yros on the team. It has been fun so far. This year many of the kids are 6 & 7 with a couple of 5 yros. It is amazing how much of a difference there is in the attention span of 6 & 7 yros vs. 4 & 5 yros. We had a game on last Friday and the team we played was incredible. They scored a goal off a corner kick, where it was put into play and another kid one-touched it into the goal. Sweet.

About a month ago I sold my Ford Explorer. This was a good and a bad idea ll rolled into one. We have contemplated the idea of replacing it with another car or just spending some money on maintenance to my mountain bike and allowing me to ride my bike everywhere. I went and looked at VW Golf today. It was a classic experience. I cranked the car up, got out and walked to the open hood and it shut off. The car would not start back up. Needless to say, I didn’t purchase that car. He was asking $2000 for it and it was only about a $800 car. Dude told me he would fix it and call me back… yeah I’m not gonna be interested either way. At this point, I think I’m leaning towards going down the mountain bike route. I could use the exercise that comes from riding a bike everywhere I need to be. I’m watching a couple of Klein Mantras on eBay right now. There’s a sweet orange one and black one that would be nice to have. The Mantra is the only full suspension mtb I have ever ridden that I liked. My dad has one, so I know I will like it. Gotta pitch this idea to Ronda. Could get any of the, for less than half of what a car would cost. Stay tuned for more details to come.

Running. Yeah. I’m trying to spend more time running. My iPod Shuffle died last week. I don’t like running without tunes. I tweeted this and a friend offered to replace it for me. Sweet! It should arrive this week. I am excited. Just today I imported music into my iTunes library so that I could have music to sync to it. Now I should be able to run as much as I want to.

Planet Fitness. I’m thinking of getting membership at Planet Fitness. There is one about 3 miles from the house. Great distance to run or bike there and work out. This is something I have talked about for years. You can’t beat $10 a month. If I pull the trigger on this, I’m sure you will hear of it.

Ordered a bunch of much-needed maintenance parts for the GSXR. I got a chain, a gasket to stop the oil leak, hand grips and some mirrors. I wil be so glad to get the mirrors for riding on I-4. It is insane riding without mirrors on the highway. Chain… this should make the bike ride bitter in general. I will also be happy to alleviate the oil slick in the carport.

That seems like a good overview of whats happening right now.



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