It is midmorning on Monday, somewhere around 10a at home and around 9a something here in Chicago. This day feels like it is never going to end already. I woke up at 4:35a to get ready to leave the house. I was on the plan by about 7a, By the time we landed in Chicago, I had re-written my newsletter and 3 blog posts (including most of this one). Dude. I haven’t gotten this much writing done in one day in a long time. And it isn’t even lunch time.

I promised to chronicle insights and observations during my travels this week, so here is one for you:

The plane I flew on had Wi-Fi. What? Yeah, I had to pay for it, that is if I had wanted to utilize it. I did not pay for it and therefore did not have it. But it was there for me if I wanted it. Cheapest in-flight package being $9.95. Just shows you how it has been since I flew, I was amazed at this technological advancement.

I sat in the back of the plane by the left engine. Here’s a photo of the view. The thought crossed my mind that if a bird flew into the engine or if there was some other catastrophic failure of the left engine, I was screwed. I would be as cooked as the bird that flew into the engine. I prayed that would not happen. And, if this has had the chance to be completed and uploaded it didn’t happen. Dodged the bullet, or should I say bird, on that one.

This didn’t happen to me today, but I relayed it to my mom today; but as I ran last night, I stopped for about 5-7 minutes and noticed no planes flying overhead. That was very odd. There is usually something in the air. My ‘hood is in the approach path of MCO and the departure path for the Executive airport in town. It kinda freaked me out.

Got a Cafe’ Americano from Orlando’s slowest Starbucks before boarding my plane. Here’s a photo of it. Strangely, there was not extra fee for the poor service.

While in line at Starbucks, there was a flight crew in line behind me, equally overcome by the ineptitude of the Starbucks employees. As I sat in the back of the plane, the flight crew I saw at Starbucks was on my flight. One of the crew took a liking to me, and I kinda think she was flirting with me. Why wouldn’t she? I’m young, handsome man with a certain appeal. I don’t blame her.

I don’t remember the air on a plane ever working as good as the air for my seat worked. Thankfully, the plane had empty seats and I jumped across the aisle from my aisle seat next to an empty seat then dude at window to a window seat behind the galley with more leg room and these handy fold out tables.

After 1.5 cups of the airline coffee, I had my fill of coffee for the flight

The Sky Mall offered little entertainment save for these items: a mustache mirror (Just too good to pass up, I ordered one for each of my male family members and friends… pricey, but so worth it), the Bigfoot Garden Yeti (Dude, living in Florida who needs one of these when the chances are that Skunk Ape will take a poop in your garden?), the pillow tie (Finally, a tie with a reason to exist!), and the animated hoodies (hoodies with dinosaur jaws printed on the sleeves to create a fearsome creature when you defiantly cross your arms… imagine being at work  and you boss asking to put your arms at your side when you cross them wearing this bad boy, defiantly shouting my dinosaur is going to eat you now… worth being written up.)




My Punisher belt buckle made it through security. They stopped and examined it, but let it pass. I had my mom and sister (who brought me to the airport) walk in with me to the security check point to make sure the buckle would pass. I asked a TSA agent and he said no problem. The X-ray tech must have thought it looked odd in the machine, because he called a buddy over who visually inspected it and they determined it to be safe.

We are about to de-plane and it is very decidedly time for something to eat…

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