If you are reading this, I am no doubt well on my way to Chicago. You might have already seen numerous posts via Twitter/FaceBook obnoxiously posting pictures of the adventure thus far.

Yesterday, as I sat in church I leaned over and confessed to Jim, my friend, pastor and MTD coach that I was a little nervous about flying since it has been five and a half years since I last flew. He responds that is crazy since I drive a motorcycle in Orlando and put life in the hands of terrible drivers daily. He then goes on to say that my fears are the least of my concerns since the pilots are usually drunk, and the airplane crewmen are so drunk when working on the planes they can’t even tighten the bolts and the weather in Chicago has been terrible with lightning strikes.

Thanks, Jim for the votes of confidence.

I don’t really think the flying is the cause of the anxiety. It is more likely the MTD conference and simply being gone for a week. The first half of the week I will be away from everyone in my family and while I am looking forward to it, this is in an odd experience for me. I’m not usually away from them for this long or really at all.

Anyway, stay tuned for me intrigue and insight as my week continues.

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