Here we go, my week-long MTD travel adventure has started… not that I have actually left or began traveling yet, but this is the beginning of the week and today is the day that I get to prep rare everything for my travel for the week, so it seemed appropriate to include it in the series for the week. My goal will be to chronicle the week via daily blogs posts and photos.

So, what is on their ominous schedule for today making it worthy of being included in the series of the MTD Travel Adventure week?

1. Get a phone charger
2. Get a new backpack
3. Pack for my trip to Chicago for first half of the week.
4. Get soap & deodorant
5. Go to soccer coach’s clinic (time permitting)
6. Other necessitates at Best Buy
7. Wash/fold my clothes
8. Mow Grass
9. Run
10. All this with a family who is gonna demand time because they are going to miss me.
11. Get my mom here and settled.
12. Follow up with people to make sure they are still expecting me.
I don’t know if that is all, but it seems like enough…

The week begins and it is going to be tons of fun. I’m very excited, nervous, anxious, all the emotions rolled into one. As the week progresses, we can discuss them as we go.

I hope you join me on this adventure and enjoy as much as I’m going to to!

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