Gosh, this week has been all out of whack due to Labor Day just throwing me off my game… Monday’s post came on Tuesday, Wednesday’s post came later in the day and here we are and the 10am Friday morning deadline has come and gone without this post being ready.

Broadcast Yourself! That’s YouTube’s slogan. Upload videos and create your own channel where people and see video of the things that happen in your life. I have down this. And almost without thinking I have revealed much about my personal space that I have not revealed via this site in a very long time. So long ago and difficult are those revelations that I have all but locked them away for no one to find.

Until Sunday.

Sunday of Labor Day weekend this year I was afforded the opportunity to speak at H2O Church Orlando. This is something I’ve hoped to be able to do for some time. And the message that felt appropriate to share was one that allowed me to open up and share some of my darkest secrets, my fears, and my feelings of myself. It has been a long time since I opened myself to others in this way. So what did I do? Posted my notes on here… posted my practice run on YouTube… posted the final live version on YouTube… thereby letting the proverbial cat out of the bag with regard to my baggage.

I have gotten lots of good response. People have told me they understand where I’m at/where I’ve been because they are there or have been there as well. This encourages me. But it also makes me vulnerable. I have just broadcasted myself, all my junk, all my baggage, all my hurts, all my fears, all my feelings to the world. The really real world.

I can’t undo that.

Even if I were to remove the posts, take down the videos and hide my online presence of these revelations the ‘damage’ has been done. They have been read, it has been heard, I have been outed.

What do I do now?

First thing, is to accept that now it is out in the open.

Second, realize this is a good thing. Now I can openly heal and gain strength from others around me. There is strength when things move from the darkness to the light.

Thirdly, live in the power of God to heal and restore.

This is sure to be interesting times ahead of me. God is glorious and in control.

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