A couple of months back I set a goal for myself to run everyday for the next 587 days. A little daunting. I kept at for a good while, only missing one day a week. I have dropped the ball. We have since moved to an area that has great locations to run and I have renewed my interest in running. I have been running very consistently and use runkeeper to track my runs. I have challenged myself to run everyday for the next 7 days (this was 4 days ago).

Figured that 7 days is a more manageable goal to attain. If I can run everyday for 7 days once, then renew for another 7 days, then another, etc. You get the picture.

I wanted to share with you a few verifications that I went running on these few days. Here are a couple of picture documenting my running.

Here, I ran a 3.78 mi run – after a several day hiatus, I’m back on the road http://t.co/mKS8Ni5.

7 days in a row day, 2… a 2.00 mi run – short 2 miler to keep the legs limber and the day counted.

I don’t know if you run or not, but if you do you know the benefits of running are far greater than the sheer exercise benefit. There is a very calming and soothing, almost therapeutic quality to running. Running for me is a way for me to think through the day, plan ahead and escape everything that is troubling me. Running is an escape. Running is essential for me to keep my head about myself. My mindset, my thinking, my clarity, everything is clearer and more stable when I run regularly.

Over the last few years, I have become implicitly aware of my brokenness and failures. Running allows the fog in my head to clear enough, so I can see beyond the lies I tell myself. I can understand the picture beneath. Reminds of the song Epic by Faith No More. Indecision clouds my vision… That was the first cd that I ever bought, Faith No More, The Real Thing. Great cd that was followed very closely in purchase by NIN Pretty Hate Machine and then Bon Jovi Keep the Faith. Wow, why has that stuck with over these years. I was probably a freshman in high school. Of all the things in life I remember, why is that what I remember? Who knows?

At any rate… where was I? Running is a release that can’t be rivaled by anything. It is my way to recharge, relax and revitalize who I am. It really is an escape for me.

Do you have anything you use as an escape that allows to be clear the space in your head?

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