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Hayden's birthday

So for Hayden’s 5th birthday all he wanted was to go to a Disney water park. So we went with a friend from church to Typhoon Lagoon. This was one of the greatest days we have had as a family in some time.

Just to watch the look on his face as the whole day was centered around and focused on him was beyond enjoyable. We didn’t have a cake, but we did have a giant ice cream sundae that we ate as a family. Check out the picture of this monstrous sundae.

One of the most significant event of the day was Hayden realizing how brave he was. All the slides the kids had to go by themselves. This was a little unnerving for him at first. But the more times he did it the braver he became to the point where he didn’t even think twice about it. When asked later, he said the greatest moment of the day was when he went down the family slide (the big raft where he and Ronda went down).

It has been such a joy to see Hayden blossom and grow into the young man he is. When things sorta unraveled a few years ago I always knew he was gonna take it the hardest. He has shown some issues that I think can be attributed to that. But as of late things are really beginning to show that he is overcoming it as well.

I am so glad that Hayden is growing and becoming a young man. He is very special to me (like the other two as well). I love being a dad. The best part of being a dad is watching my boys experience things for the first time. New experiences and growth.

I love being a dad.


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