So, in confession this is more for fun than to change your life. Hope you at least get a giggle out of it.I have this old motorcycle that is rough around the edges. I have made some ‘modifications’ to it in the time that I’be owned it. One of those modifications is shortening the tail section so that it essentially has no tail section. Observe:

One thing I didn’t count on was rain. I don’t typically ride in the rain, but it happens to the best of us that we get caught in the rain. What I realized very quickly is no tail section, fender, over hanging protection or nothing allows the water sprayed off the rear tire to go straight up your back. An experience very reminiscent of childhood days when you screamed through mud puddles on your bike and sprayed the back of your head. Yeah, that happens on motorcycles too. Notice in the first picture I appear mostly dry. However, the second picture paints a different picture.

Sometimes, my best ideas are shady at best.

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