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How did I end up Right Here?

You would not believe where God has taken my family over the last couple of years!
It is my prayer this message finds you well today. I know it has been awhile since we last spoke, but you have been in my thoughts recently. Ronda, the boys (Noah, Hayden, & Jagger) and I have embarked on a new leg of this journey I call being a disciple of Christ. I am writing to you to share a little of that journey with you, as well share my passion for the calling God has given me that leads us to where we are now.

Let me take you back just a couple years… in 2008 my family began attending H2O Church in Orlando. We began attending at a time when we needed something different, something healing in our lives. (You may already know of the mental, emotional and financial struggles our family faced during this time… so I won’t go into the details) H2O was just what we needed. We were afforded acceptance, accountability, love and growth. God blessed us beyond measure through H2O.

After being a part of the church for about a year we felt God calling us to move to Gainesville as a continuing part of our restoration and healing. So we moved to Gainesville again. Going back to Gainesville wasn’t as much of a homecoming as we thought it would be. We lived in Gainesville for around 9 months while Ronda worked at a law firm as a family law attorney and I worked a few different jobs trying to find something I could really sink my teeth into. During this time we began to pray for God to open up a church for us to minister at. An opportunity opened for us in Jacksonville (this move to Jacksonville is why we didn’t stay in Gainesville long this time around).
Moving to Jacksonville didn’t quite turn out the way we had expected it to. What we understood to be long-term move, God only planned to be a short-term move. We moved to Jacksonville on April 1, 2010 and by the end of the year we were moving again. We had the opportunity to serve God at a church, doing some pretty amazing things. It is strange sometimes, how God uses us and prepares us for the future at times when we don’t see it.
While at this church I was called upon to redesign the children’s ministry and implement a new strategy that had never been used at this church before. We were able to restructure the mentality and philosophy of the church into that of a family ministry approach and re-trained and equipped current and new volunteers to the new philosophy of ministry.
As the year came to a close, it became obvious to us through some difficult situations that our time here was not intended to be long. As we prepared to move again, I was able to reconnect with the leadership at H2O Church Orlando and we began to discuss the possibility of me coming on staff with them. As we discussed what this might look like it became apparent that one of the greatest needs for H2O is someone who can restructure, re-organize and implement new strategies within the current children’s ministry. A task I was recently prepared for!
Which brings us essentially to the current moment. H2O is a missionary-style church in the sense that the staff is supported like missionaries by individuals like yourself. My family and I are currently in the initial phase of the work God has called us to at H2O and we are raising support in order to be have a salary to be released to do ministry on the ground here in Orlando. I am reaching out to you at this time to seek an audience with you to sit down in your home, over breakfast/lunch or at a coffee shop to share in person my passion and vision for the ministry God has called me to. I am seeking to build a team of individuals to partner with us in accomplishing ministry in Orlando.

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  1. Big addict from this page, a ton of your blog posts have really helped me out. Looking forward to news!

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