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Let's Take a Look Back: 8/14 – 8/20

Well I promised to be posting on Monday, Wednesday & Friday with 1-2 posts over the weekend. Here is the official weekend ‘take a look back’ post.

So here they are, the posts of the week:

Conjoint Counseling – Here am I in class again. I’m taking Conjoint Counseling. The syllabus describes the course as: Read More…

Wrestling with God: Trading Places (Vintage Post) – During this week’s sermon an illustration was used to describe the fact that Christ had traded places with us and took the just punishment for our sins. Because of this we must be ready, willing, and eager to share this good news of Christ’s atoning sacrifice which is the best news. Read More…

An Affair of Sort (Vintage Post) – As I was running last nite Stabbing Westward’s I Don’t Believe came on my iPod. As I listened to it I though about how the lyrics could be applied to my current/past situation. Read More…

The Be-Attitudes… and other attitudes that manifest in Eli (Vintage Post)  – Quaint, isn’t it? I heard that some time ago and kind of like it. I was reading the Scriptures just now and I read the Beatitudes. I have read them a ton over the last 20 months. In January 2007 I embarked on a study of the Sermon on the Mount that is seemingly unending. Read More…

I hope you have enjoyed looking back at the last week has brought us around here.

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