During this week’s sermon an illustration was used to describe the fact that Christ had traded places with us and took the just punishment for our sins. Because of this we must be ready, willing, and eager to share this good news of Christ’s atoning sacrifice which is the best news. To be sure, I am glad and very thankful that Christ died for my sins, but I think that it is a little simplistic to think that it is always that easy to share the gospel with others. A passage from the OT was read that described the Israelites resorting to cannibalism in order to have food. This passage shows us the brokenness of people in the world and causes us to recognize that no matter how tough our life is, it could always be worse. Maybe so. Right now, life is not what I envisioned it should be and I feel fairly beaten up by life regularly. I can associate with those people who feel like life has given up on them and that feel like life has kicked them in the teeth. Lucky for me my teeth were replaced as a part of a tragic mtn bike accident and are impervious to mule-like kicks to the face. However, just because life is hard and it is difficult to realize the good parts of life I’m not given a free pass to be a lazy piece of crap Christian. My responsibility remains the same. Maybe it is better to talk about the ways in which a person is able to overcome the crap of their life in order to be able to be a vessel used by God. We should be excited and happy and ready to talk about the gospel. But what if we aren’t? Where do we go from here? Part of wrestling with God is realizing and understanding my own brokenness and still attempting to be used by God. Understanding my emptiness, my ineptitude allows me to let God fill in the holes. God has traded places with me, whether my life smells like roses or dog poop.

What do I do with opportunities given to me?

More importantly how to I get myself to where God can use me, even I’m the
midst of despair?

These are the questions that you must wrestle through in your relationship with God. What have you come up with?

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