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Let's Take a Look Back

Well I promised to be posting on Monday, Wednesday & Friday with 1-2 posts over the weekend. Here is the first official weekend post. I want to try to do a week in review where I highlight the postal from the week and link back to them for easy access in case you missed them.

So here they are, the posts of the week:

a Philosophy of Ministry – Honestly, right now I am struggling with the timing and placement of a few things that God is doing in my life right now. I was asked to describe my spiritual journey and my philosophy of ministry, so I did…

A brief dissertation on my spiritual journey – My name is Eli Westfall and I wanted to give you a brief summary of my spiritual journey.

Faith in the Unknown – My favorite show to watch hands down is a History Channel show, MonsterQuest. This show discusses research on crypto-zoological creatures such as bigfoot, loch Ness monster, mega hog, lizard man, vampires, mothman and the like. I love this show! The experts that are on it are the best. They act so serious, as though these creatures are reality. I could pick all the experts, by name, out of a police line up…

This week also saw the release of our newsletter that you can find here. I hope you have enjoyed looking back at the last week has brought us around here.

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