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Conjoint Counseling

Here’s a bonus post for today.

Here am I in class again. I’m taking Conjoint Counseling. The syllabus describes the course as:

This course focuses on the theory and application of counseling couples and families, stressing therapeutic practice when counseling couples and/or family members simultaneously. The primary focus is on theories, models, and interventions employed when counseling various combinations of persons in relationships.

This is the last class that I have to take as an elective in order to have all the required coursework for not only the Mental Health tract, but the Marriage & Family tract as well. Sounds good to me… the more diverse I can be the better.

There are 11 of us in the class and only one other student have I ever had in class before. This student knew that I had been working on my practicum/internship, so he asked how it was going. This was a moment that I wondered how I would answer this question when it was asked of me. So I was given the chance to answer it one of two ways: I was not working on my internship because some things had come up in my life that prohibited me from being able to work on my internship, or I could answer it by saying that I out the internship process on hold in order to come on staff at H2O Church. In the clutch moment, how did I respond to the million dollar question…?

I went with the I put my internship on hold in order to come on staff at the church we attend. I answered it by saying:
“I had an opportunity to choose one of two paths, continue on working on my internship or go on staff at the church we attend. So I chose to come on staff at our church. I prayed about it and made the choice to put the internship on hold. I will take the last 3 classes and then re-evaluate where I am in the second term of the spring semester.”
I was very happy that I went with that answer. It made me feel good to stand firm and not back down from my calling and heart.

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  1. Cool message, I actually look ahead to fresh news by you.

  2. Congrats on the new job….awesome. It is worth putting your internship on hold for God has other plans at this time for you. Fellow classmate

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