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a very brief dissertation on my spiritual journey

My name is Eli Westfall and I wanted to give you a brief summary of my spiritual journey.

I grew up in a ministry home. My parents were both pastors and missionaries in the past. When I was 9 my parents started a group home for teenage girls who were in crisis.

I became a Christian at the young age of 7. Throughout high school I didn’t take this commitment to Christ very seriously. Upon graduation I went to school at Atlanta Christian College, essentially because my parents asked me to. I transferred to Florida Christian College after completing 2 years at ACC and finished up.

While in Bible college, I was able to serve as a youth minister and as a preaching minister. After graduation I went back home to work with Christian Campus Fellowship at the University of Georgia. After 1 year we moved to Gainesville, Fl. for my wife to attend law school. I served at a church in Gainesville for a time. After she graduated we moved back to Central Florida.

This is where the journey gets interesting. I had been working as a case worker for the Department of Children and Famileis for a couple of years. When we moved back to Centeral Florida I worked in the same field while helping at the church my in-laws had started. After about 9 months I lost my job due to the contract my agency had being lost with the State. I spent the next 18 months looking for a job. It was during this time, when I suffered depression, that I saw my relationship with Christ deepen. As I wrestled with feeling of not being able to support my family as a Christian father and husband I had to rely on God.

Through my struggles God has taught me to rely on him for my strength, value and self-worth. It was through this dark time that God taught me the value and worth of the family system. The need for the family unit to be protected above all else. It was during this time that God cultivated in me a love for working with and strengthen families.

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