Honestly, right now I am struggling with the timing and placement of a few things that God is doing in my life right now. I was asked to describe my spiritual journey and my philosophy of ministry, so I did. What I realized in doing this was that it helped to clarify in my mind some of the passions that God has given to me. In an attempt to assist you in knowing me a little more, I wanted to share a brief explanation of what motivates me in ministry.

The previous post gives you a very brief snapshot of what the journey of Eli was like.

Say tuned for a post in a week or two that will be more comprehensive in the journey of Eli as I prepare a message to give at H2O Church Orlando on Labor Day weekend.

So here it is, some of my thoughts on ministry.

a Philosophy of Ministry

  • I believe in  family ministry model. I believe the family as a whole needs to be considered and that all ministry needs to be done within the context of strengthening the family as a whole unit.
  • I believe the children need to be taught on a level they can understand.
  • I believe elementary aged kids needs to be spurred on to grow and learn more as they age.
  • I believe the middle school and high schoold students need to be challenged to lead real, relevant lives in our culture today.
  • I believe the families need to be equipped to train and teach their children, reinforcing what the kids learn at church.
  • I believe the parents need better skills to handle the difficult questions in life and how to apply Biblical truth to answer those questions.
  • I believe the key to ministry is to:
    • Create excitement around what God has done for us.
    • Apply the truth of Scriptures to daily life
    • Equip families to weather the storms of life together
    • Equip parents to answer the difficult questions their kids will ask.

This is by no means complete, but it is a start…

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