Ronda is great. She truly is a gift from God who makes me a better person. If you think I’m sarcastic now, you should see me when she’s not around! Brutal. Let me take a moment and comment on the things that makes Ronda awesome.
  • She makes me a better person
  • She challenges me to think beyond myself
  • She is quite hilarious, often catching you by surprise with some of the funny things she says
  • She reminds me that God is in control
  • She reminds me to trust God
  • She has given me 3 stupendous boys
  • All three of those boys are handsome, thanks to Ronda’s genes
  • She’s smart
  • She’s witty
  • She’s talented
  • She’s intense
  • She’s determined
  • She doesn’t give up
  • She’s street savvy
  • She’s brilliant
  • She’s my best friend
  • She’s a great mom
  • She loves outdoor stuff
  • She doesn’t mind that I have a motorcycle
  • She’s beautiful
  • I can’t live without her
  • She’s the air I breathe
  • She’s just tons of fun
  • She has great taste in everything
  • She’s generous
  • She’s humble
  • She’s the glue
  • She’s just plain awesome!
  • She believes in me

Of all the things I like the most about her, I think believing in me is the one I like the best. I know no matter what, she has my back. She is always there to support me, no matter what.

She is my helpmate, my partner, my friend, my confidant, my buddy, my lover, my wife.
I love her.


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