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Goodbye old Friend… Vintage Post

Yesterday I traded the Harley for a 1988 YJ. Never thought I would have done that.

This last 4th of July weekend (oddly enough I was in Athens) marked 3 years from when I got the Harley. We have been struggling with reliable transportation and funds and have toyed with the idea of selling the Harley several times. I never could bring myself to do it. I had it on eBay several times and was never near getting what I was asking for it.

Many know of my ‘health’ concerns that I have been having lately. Things are getting much better now. I feel much healthier today than I did a very short time ago. As I’m getting better and I begin to enjoy family time and time with my boys more, I became increasingly unsatisfied with a play toy that was a one man show. The Harley, which I love and l enjoy, is only a one man show. No one else can really enjoy it with me. This saddens me and makes me wish for something more. Something else. There were two driving forces behind trading for this YJ. One is that I know these vehicles like the back of my hand, so repair work will be easy. The other was to have a play toy that the boys and Ronda can enjoy with me. These are the joys of fatherhood. Being able to have my boys enjoy things with me. Having them to see things for the first time.

I say goodbye old friend, but hello new memories.

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  1. Amazing posting, I absolutely will enjoy up-dates from you.

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