During the message on a Sunday in June at H2O Church Orlando a trailer for the movie Company Men was shown. This prompted Ronda to want to watch the movie. So we rented it last night.

There were parts of this movie that were hard to watch and that hurt. Several years ago I lost my job and felt many of the feelings that were portrayed by the characters in the movie. That’s what made it hard to watch. Seeing the feelings and emotions that I experienced being played by the actors in a movie. Watching on the faces of the characters when they had to tell their wives and children. When they realized the lifestyle they were used to had to change. When they realized having lost their job meant their children had to sacrifice too. Realizing that much of who they thought they were as men, fathers and husbands was attached to their jobs. And then those jobs were taken away.

This hit home for me in many ways. A few years ago I was in a similar situation in the sense that the agency that I worked for lost it’s contract with the State of Florida for case management. This was a very trying time in my life, it lead to a serious and deep bout with depression. It’s kinda amazing how much of a man’s (or at least this man) worth & value comes from his job. Being able to provide for and care for your family as a man is an incredible source of value and worth.

What this movie was able to accurately portray was how hard it is to overcome those feelings of insecurity and lack of worth. The pain on the faces of the characters was almost too close to home for me a couple of times. I don’t admit this often, but I almost cried during this movie because of feelings/emotions/memories it brought up.

Good job to the makers of this movie to catch the emotions and feelings of the human existence.

The flipside, I feel I must mention, to realizing everything that you thought gave you value does not in fact assess your value is that you begin to discover where true value/worth comes from. In what I would call my darkest times of life, is when I feel that I was the closest to God. It was during this time that I learned to rely/trust/gain value & worth from God and God alone.

I am a child of his first and foremost. Without that, nothing else truly matters. God values/LOVES me enough to die for me. Die for me individually, not in some sense of dying for all of humanity (which he did) but for me as an individual.

Me as a sinner and wayward child.


I am valuable. I am worth something. And that value and worth comes from God and his love for me, not my job or some other earthly experience.

This movie not only brought up feelings that were hard to process again, it also brought up much work that I did in my personal/spiritual life to be aware that I belong to God.

God and his grace are the preeminent defining factors in my life…

Where do you gain your sense of worth/value? Do you turn to God or something/someone else?

What happens when they let you down?

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