It’s doubtful this is the first blog you’ve ever read tackling this subject. It’s also doubtful this will be the best. Having said that, I still want to speak on this for a minute… or less if I lose your interest. 

Is karma a Christian idea? Is there anything in the Scriptures to give us a basis for believing what goes around come around? Let’s unpack…

Best place to start is with a definition of karma. According to it is the act of bringing upon oneself inevitable results, either good or bad, in this life or in reincarnation. To attempt an explanation, it is good or bad coming back to you because you either treated other good or bad. Kinda a cosmic what goes around comes around.

How does one get from this any kind of Christian perspective? Is there anything in the Scriptures that would indicate this kind of thinking is biblical? Enter in, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Luke 6.31

Not quite the same idea but similar. It’s possible to see how a well-meaning person warped these two incongruent ideas into the same idea. How are they different?

1. There is no promise of return. The Scriptures don’t promise us that if we treat other well, they will treat us well in return. It doesn’t even say that good things will come to us if we do. The Scriptures report that God will bless those that follow and trust in him, but it says nothing about what that blessing will look like. God’s ultimate blessing on his people is heaven and eternal life in the presence of God.

2. Grace does operate this way. Thankfully, grace offers us something we don’t deserve while simultaneously not giving us what we do deserve.

3. You can’t control your world. People are going to act towards you how they want to. There is little we can do about that. We can try to impact their choices on how they respond to you, but ultimately it is up to them.
Is karma a Christian idea?

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