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The Most Exciting Baptism I've Ever Been To.

There is this dude in my father in-law’s church who has some sort of seizure disorder. I’m not sure what it is, but with little to no stimulation comes a seizure or blackout.

Too many people in the room, car moving too fast, almost any physical exertion. Anything.

He decides he wants to get baptized. Awesome! So my father in-law, me and one other dude get in the pool with this dude (because we know it is going to be touch and go with him in the pool). He starts off by jumping into the pool. Stands up and says, ‘the doctor said I will never swim again, just had to check.’ He then blacks out and almost drowns twice before we ‘dunk’ him. We get him aware again and he is on his knees in the pool. We dunk him backwards and bring him up… too fast. He goes into a full seizure and almost drowns a third time. It definitely took all three of us to keep him above water. After a few minutes, he comes around and gets out of the pool. I tell him later that was the most exciting baptism I’ve ever been a part of. He was very proud of that.

I wonder, is my relationship with Christ characterized by that kind of excitement? He knew the potential dangers of this outward sign of belonging to God, yet it was important to him to do it.

Am I that excited about letting people know of my convictions regarding Christ?

Are you?

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