So here is how the story begins…
I’ve been driving this 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee which seems to be plagued or cursed from hell. It always seems to have issues, and they never seem to get resolved.

So in February I break down and take it to a mechanic who assesses the problem and says it has a blown head gasket. For the un-initiated that doesn’t mean much. But it is a hefty job requiring the top half of the motor to be removed. Dude for a on to say, it is the worst blown head gasket he has ever seen. Ever. He says for $1000 he can replace or for $1500 he can put a salvage motor in it, recommending the motor due to it being the worst blown head gasket he has ever seen. Ever. So that’s what we do.

Keep runs great, for about 3 weeks. Then break down city, again. So we take it back to the same dude. Any guesses on the diagnosis? Another blown head gasket. This one due to a hole in the radiator which caused all the coolant to extricate itself from the motor. He says, I can fix for $1000. I said, I don’t think so. So it begins to sit.

Enter, stage left, my brother who needs a car. He says, you think we can do a head gasket? I say, we can’t make it worse if we can’t. That began the process of me, Abe & dad replacing a head gasket. Picture this: dad, who knows nothing about working on cars and has the patience of a bulldozer; Abe knows a little more because he has had to as of late; and me who knows more than both of them put together and I realize this is beyond my skill level, but I will do it if they want.

So they come down with parts having been shipped here and the Odyssey begins on Tuesday. Surprisingly, it comes completely apart by end of the day Tuesday. It actually goes back together by late afternoon Wednesday. And no it doesn’t run. I know what you are thinking… those idiots did something wrong. Our thoughts too. So we had to towed on Thursday to a shop. He looks it over and there are a few minor repairs that need to be done to make it run. Nothing we broke (Except Abe who broke the distributor cap when he put it on backwards… which was after he gapped, and therefore ruined, 2 park plugs for my GSX-R. It appears Abe was the weakest link.)

All in all it was a successful attempt at replacing a head gasket. Kinda surprised. The jeep actually drove all the way home to Georgia. Good for them.

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