It’s happened to us all, we’ve gotten that lame gift that could only be appreciated because of the heart and thought (however little it may seem it was) that went into the gift. How can we avoid such disasters? A good place to start is by considering what makes terrible father’s day gifts. What not to give as father’s day gifts:
1. Ties. Just don’t do it.
2. Socks. Lame. Even if his socks are have holes.
3. Cologne. A little better, but still smacks of last minute thought.
4. A pen. Even if its monogrammed nobody uses cool expensive pens anymore.
5. Gloves. Really? Not even Isotoner gloves make this a good idea.
6. Tire repair kit. Getting close, but still.
7. Roadside emergency kit. Come on, they never have what you need in them.

So now that everything you’ve ever gotten that special dad (or two) in your life has been deconstructed as the most terrible of father’s day gifts your mind is reeling. What are good gifts? How can I make up for year of neglect? Here are a few surefire ways to win dad’s heart:
1. iPad. Enough said.
2. Galaxy tablet. Maybe iPad is too pricey or maybe they are Android OS freaks. This is a good choice.
3. iPhone 3gs. Now only $49. Win, win for everyone.
4. A steak dinner. Red meat is never out of style.
5. A video game. Choose his favorite platform and get that new game. Even a used game is ok.
6. Hang time. There is nothing more special to a dad than spending some quality time with him… maybe around that steak dinner!

Hope you enjoy your father’s day. If you are a dad, congrats and remember being a father is a tremendous responsibility that God has gifted us with. In the words of Howard Stark, our children are our greatest accomplishments.

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