I think at this point it is safe to say the challenge of running everyday for 587 has been lost. Since the last post, day 33, I have missed 3 more days. I think that makes a total of 7 in 38.

Not what I was hoping for, however I am not going to stop. I win run today and pick up the pieces and continue to run. This last week was hard being at GCM’s New Staff Training, we trained long days which made it difficult to run at the end of them. Coupled with being away from home, this means I didn’t sleep well generally anyway.

I’m back home now and here’s what I ran between the two days: 1.75 miles. A farcry from the potential 10 miles it would been a few years ago.

Most importantly, I ran. And I will keep running.

(day 39 was 5/31/11)

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