A couple of weeks ago I went with my father in-law to get the results of his four-year scans after his battle with esophageal cancer. Praise God, the results were still no cancer. It seems, to this point he has beaten cancer through the grace of God.

But this got me to thinking, why did he win when so many others don’t. Please, don’t misunderstand me I am beside myself with excitement and joy about it.

But the reality remains, many of us don’t beat whatever illness ails us. Is there a particular rhyme or reason to this? Do things like this just happen or do they happen for a reason? A bible college professor of mine said that everything is either willed or permitted by God. Where does tragic illnesses like cancer fit into that thinking?

I can’t escape the thought of the last chapters of the book of Job. In chapters 38-40, God essentially declares he is God and we as his creation don’t have the right to question what has happened. It is interesting to note, Job never learns the reason behind his struggles. God never tells him. We know, because we read from the outside, but Job never does.

This in and of itself brings many other questions to mind. Why doesn’t he just tell Job what happened? Is it any of Job’s business? Is it any of ours? Are we owed an explanation?

Is God allowed to behave the way he wants or pleases? Or does he have to answer to us? If he does have to answer to us, does that make him less God?

I would like to answer those questions, or at least try to answer them. The first question, yes God is free to behave how he pleases or maybe more appropriately according to his will. God is God and his will trumps the will of anyone or anything else. I’m not sure there is anything else to say regarding this.

The second question’s answer is no, God doesn’t have to answer to us for anything about anything. In Job, he is very clear that Job is his creation and as such Job (and us by default)  is not owed an explanation because we can not know or understand the reasoning of God. His ways are higher than our ways, his thoughts are higher than our thoughts, therefore he doesn’t owe us any explanation.

I would want to further expound on that in order to answer the third question. If God were to answer to us, then we would be God and not him. This puts us into a tough predicament. God is the creator and we are the created. Once we make God answer to us we become the master. This upends all of history. Are we God or is he? God is sovereign and can allow his will to unfold the way he chooses to be the best and most beneficial to the rest of his creation.

Tell me what you think. Should God have to answer to us?

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