A Midnight Run of Death-Inducing Cold… Vintage Post

so here i am… my family has recently re-located to st. cloud, fl. and i am stuck in gainesville to finish up my last few days at work. so it got the best of me and i decided to skip town (and work) and get to st. cloud to be with them. a reasonable solution. right, it was cold that evening. i am not sure, but i believe the weather was in the fortys when i left g-ville at 5pm. the next five hours that it took me to get to st. cloud were very cold. i started by stopping at a local western wear store on the way of town… hoping they would have chaps of the leather sort to keep me warm. no such luck. then i thought to stop at the harley dealer in ocala. got there 5 mins too late. then i remember that the bp truck stop at i-75 and the turnpike had chaps… or so i thought. it wasnt too far out of my way, so on i went. no chaps. they did have coffee which helped to warm me. then back on the bike. another stop in apopka for coffee (and another donut) and then on through orlando to st. cloud. drove past the airport. some punk in a camaro or firebird thought, ‘oh let me race the harley’, boy did he look dumb as i smoked him. finally made it home around 10pm. drank more coffee and cuddled up to the wife in bed. was very cold and did not warm up until the next morning as i took a hot shower and drank more coffee. at some point as i drove in the cold i thought to myself, ‘if you had to make this drive tonite, is there any other way you would want to make it other than on the harley?’ then i answered myself, ‘hizell no!’ i have realized that whether it is cold or wet or even cold and wet, there is no better way to ride than on a harley. what do they say in some circles: live to ride, ride to live… possibly. anyway, check the pics and let me know what you think about my midnight run of death inducng cold…

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