If you are a runner, even a casual one, you will notice it doesn’t take any time at all for you body to get conditioned to running. Being able to run a certain distance then, becomes a matter of the mind. No, I’m not suggesting a casual runner should take on a marathon. But I am suggesting if in recent years you regularly ran 5 miles daily you should be able to expect to run farther than one mile.

Using my highly tuned reasoning skills I surmise running to be a 75-25 game.  75% mind and 25% body. Today I lost the mind game and conceded to a 2 mile run. I wanted 3 but, the mind said no.

At least I went running earlier than 11p. Although, it was in noon day heat…

Since my last entry on this challenge I have missed 1 more, after taking care of a sick family yesterday. Just too tired. I don’t recall any of the runs being less than 1 mile.

26 days and I’ve only missed 3. I’m happy with that.

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