587 Day Challenge… Day 9 &10

Just wanted to give a brief update… I have kept my commitment to the challenge. I have been running everyday at least 1 mile. I ran 1/2 a mile one day and I ran it on my treadmill on an incline.

Here is what today’s run looked like: didn’t happen. Noah cut his foot and had trouble going to sleep. Before I knew it, it was midnight:30 and I hadn’t run. I has already fallen asleep 2x on the couch with Noah.

However, on day 10 you get back up and continue the challenge. So I missed one day, it’s disappointing but not the end of the world. The challenge is against myself anyway. And the main purpose of the challenge was to run… and I am running. I did sneak in a run last night. I’m ready to start running farther, but it will come.

Until next time…

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