As many know, the Sanhedrin (the Jewish Supreme Court, sorta) was the ruling council that handed Jesus over to Pilate asking for him to be crucified. I point this out not to point fingers or lay blame for who is at fault for the death of Jesus. Scripture is clear that all of humanity has sinned and therefore responsible for his death. What is significant about this fact of the Sanhedrin is knowing two members of the Sanhedrin were disciples of Christ. One could imagine during the mock trial they voted against killing Jesus. When they were outnumbered something must have gone on inside their hearts. You see, it could’ve been possible to vote against killing Jesus and not reveal they were disciples. They could remain secret disciples of Jesus. What happened after his death would no longer allow them to hid in secrecy.

Joseph of Arimathea, very wealthy man and one of those secret disciples, was moves so much that he donated his tomb for Jesus to be laid in. He gained the courage to go ask for Jesus body in order to bury it. This is significant because now all the Romans, Jews and, Christians would have known where his body was buried. No mistaking it. Also, there would have been no way to hide his interest or care for this Jesus when he asked to be allowed to bury his body. Joseph was no longer a secret disciple.

Nicodemus was the other secret disciple. He brought 75-100 lbs of spices to embalm Jesus’ body. These spices would have been worth about $150k-$200k in today’s market. He just dropped that kind of money to bury Jesus? Can’t hide his affections anymore.
Something changed for these guys, even before the resurrection. Their faith became real for them. It moves beyond the intellectual to the behavioral.

Where are you on your faith journey?

Are you in the intellectual stage?

Do you lack any real faith in Jesus?

Are you a secret disciple?

What can the resurrection do for you?

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