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I was Little Wimpy Dinosaur in a Previous Life.


We all remember the Compsognathus, or Compy, from Jurassic Park the Lost World. And some of you know of my incessant dreams of dinosaurs AND my irrational fear of being attacked by dinosaurs especially while running by myself at night in the rain. I have actually thought through and planned escape routes depending on if my attacker is a T-Rex or Raptor. My conclusion has been that if a T-Rex comes calling I might have a chance to escape. If its a Raptor, which is never by itself, I’m screwed… I also often dream the same dream of being chased by dinosaurs through the woods beside the children’s home my parents used to work at. The dream is always the same.

Ronda and I were talking about this the other day and we concluded this fear and dream cycle are a direct result of me being a Compy, a turkey-sized wimpy dinosaur, in a previous life. Think about how that works out for a minute.

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  1. http://xkcd.com/135/ you need this training to survive the raptorpocolypse

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