Realizing this is probably the millionth blog on Lent I hesitate to write it, but I’m one for redundancy so here we go.

Lent is the 47 days or 6 weeks leading up to Easter. It’s a time for us Christ-followers to devote and dedicate time to God. Many also fast from something during this time. I like the fasting part. I don’t fast much, at all really. In fact the first fast that I can remember completing happened just last fall. It was incredible.

I have several food items I want to fast from again because of the impact they have on me physically… it is so strong that it affects me spiritually. I will share them with you to keep me accountable in this.

1. Gluten.
2. Carbonated beverages.

I also want to fast from laziness and inactivity. Both in the realm of exercise and in general living.

I intend to fast from frivolous spending of money. I plan to be a miser to develop better spending habits.

Anyone else taking the Let challenge?

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