Our next topic of discussion was whether a good God could allow pain & suffering.  We came with 3 reasons why there was pain & suffering.  We got those as we discussed whether Satan or God was in control of this world, whether God and Satan took a hands off approach to our lives each day and exactly how pain entered the world.  This discussion was far from exhausted. Here’s what we have so far.

1. We now have a broken relationship with God. When sin entered into humanity it broke the perfect relationship we had with God and now we live with a skewed, broken relationship.  Instead of acknowledging God as God, we try to make ourselves gods of our own lives.  This is not the way it was intended to be.

2. We handed over power of this world. When God created this world and everything he gave man charge over it. At the fall we gave power over to Satan and decided that he can rule here. In doing so, our bent is towards sin.

3. In giving up the power and in breaking our relationship, we have darkened our nature. Maybe or maybe not genetically, but either way we are now prone to chase after ourselves and not God. We strive to serve ourselves and not the creator. We have a penchant for sin now.

Pain & suffering is a complex question with many answers including our choice to destroy instead of heal, place ourselves as gods instead of God.

Pain & suffering exists because we are in an imperfect screwed up world full of crap.

But can God redeem that?


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