The obvious next topic in the Theology on Tap series is discussing the atrocity (as some would define it) of Christianity’s sexual position.

The classic church position is sex is acceptable, even encouraged, between a married man and woman. Sex is not only for procreation but also for recreation. Sex is meant to had and to be fun… lots of fun.

With the prevalence of LGBT in society, this once widely accepted stance of the church is being called into question. Does one have to be married for sex to be legitimate? Does that marriage have to be to the opposite sex?

We found that many of us have diverging views on this, even amongst those that called themselves Christ-followers.

At the end of the discussion, what was concluded (by most anyway) is there are guidelines that ought to be followed sexually in order to maximize the gain of sex. Actually, I’m not sure we left this discussion with any kind of consensus, come to think of it.

What do you think, is Christianity sexually repressive?

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