When I was running this am I saw a Sandhill Crane which was odd because it was alone. Most of the time cranes are found in herds and more frequently in families that include two adults and one or two baby cranes.

There are a couple of lessons we can learn from the Sandhill Crane:

Sandhill Cranes stick together. They have a sense of community, family and they stick together in order to make it easier to get through life. Cranes realize you can’t do it on your own.

They aren’t distracted by technology. Notice, how when traffic comes by the cranes see little need to get out of the way. Traffic has to work around them. We would do well to not be so distracted by the technologies that can easily become an idol.

Are we trying to live life our own all the while being distracted by idols around us? God is calling is to follow him closely and he does not ask us to do it alone. We have other Christ-followers and the Spirit of God indwelling us to assist us in life.

Will you learn the lesson of the Sandhill Crane?

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