After we spent some time determining we were all hypocrites we set our sights on the atrocities and benefits of belonging to or ascribing to religion or faith in God.

An obvious atrocity is all the bloodshed and wars that have been fought in the name of God. From the Crusades to the Spanish Inquisition to the Salem witch trials. All were done in the name of God. One doesn’t have to look far before they find an atrocity that occurred in the name of God. Is it possible though, that these people who commit these atrocities aren’t really acting under the influence and direction of God? Is God a god of love or of war? If we recognize there are many hypocrites in the world, church and everywhere then is it perfectly possible that these hypocrites are the very one committing the atrocities? It is possible, even conceivable pig, you miserable vomitous mass. (brownie points if you land the movie reference)

While there have been many atrocities there are tons of good things that religion has brought us aside from the obvious ethics and morals that our society hinges upon. Religion is also responsible for schools and hospitals. Where would we be without those contributions? Deathly ill and uneducated.

At some point, you have to determine do the goods outweigh the bad. For those of us Christ-followers the answer is yes. The mistakes of flawed, sinful humans are not the mistakes of God. While we remain marred by sin in our choices God remains unmarred by sin. He is not guilty of our mistakes anymore than I am guilty of yours.

Has religion been the catalyst for terrible atrocities? Yes. Has it also been the catalyst for innumerable benefits? Yes.

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