I’ve been reading Driscoll’s Religion Saves and he has a chapter on the whole emergent vs. emerging church. This issue, while almost over really at this point, is very confusing. But also exhilarating. It allows us to challenge what we think and gives us a forum to rethink what we have always thought. What I have always liked the most about this discussion is precisely that, it is/was a discussion.

When I first got interested in the discussion I found myself falling on one side of it. The more I studied I found myself falling on the other side. Now after more study I find myself not really happy with either. I find myself Emergenting instead of emerging or emergent.

This could be problematic… I have realized the older I get the more liberal I am or have become in my thinking… dare I say my theology. Or maybe just my orthopraxy mainly… but some of my theology.

I think there timeless truths the Scriptures teach that we must hold onto. However, there are NOT timeless methods. The methodology of being a Christ-follower needs to be re-examined in light of current culture. We need to stick the basics and not add legalistic rules that aren’t those truths I spoke of.

In reality, I’m not emerging or emergent or even Emergenting… I’m a Christ-follower.

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