This is my awesome dog, Gray. He is the second Weimaraner we have had.  He is great. The other day I was snuggling with him and it occurred to me there are at least five things we can learn from our relationships with our dogs. Let’s take our dogs on a walk and see 5 lessons we can learn from our dogs.

1. Dogs love no matter what. Gray doesn’t seem to care what kind of mood I’m in, he always loves me. He always wants to be next to me. No matter whether I have just praised him or disciplined him, he wants to have my attention.

2. Dogs are great consolers. They know how to just sit with you when you aren’t feeling well. Gray knows how to just be there and not say anything. He just sits there and looks at me like, ‘I know.’

3. They are always in a great mood ready to play and have fun. Ever seen a dog that didn’t want to fetch, play in the dirt or wrestle? Me neither. Dogs always seem to be happy and the happiness is down right contagious.

4. Dogs know how to rest. Dogs play hard, but they also know how to rest hard. They can just lay there and chill like no one else. Sprawled out on the floor, bed or wherever they just lay and rest. They relax and cool out. And they are great to snuggle with… Gray always jumps on the couch with me in the evenings when we are watching t.v.

5. Dogs always come back to you. This is kinda like the first one, but they never give up on you. They love, but they love unconditionally and without end. They hope for the best in all of us.

Imagine if we approached life as though we were a dog. Always loving, consoling (without having to give advice), being cheerful, resting and loving without end everyone we encounter.

Strangely, I think the world might be more like God than dog…

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