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My Top Ten picks of Greatest Movies Ever

Here it is the long-awaited list from inside Eli’s own head… the Top Ten Movies of All Time, as far as Eli is concerned. These are the 10 movies I will always watch hands down, no excuses.

And here they are….

the Matrix

the Predator


Army of Darkness

Star Wars (the trilogy of 4-6)


the Untouchables

the Dark Knight

Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail

Blade Runner

the Expendables

Yes. there are 11 movies (13 if you take into account the Star Wars trilogy is three, not one) (13 is my lucky number, BTW) here, but this is my top ten list and if I want 11 (or 13), then dang git I can have 11 (or 13). They are in no particular order, except the order with which they occurred to me.

If you have a better  suggestion, feel free to suggest it to me, and I will at least watch it.

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  1. Forgot Point Break & Big Trouble in Little Chinatown on the list.

  2. Can’t forget So I Married an Axe Murderer.

  3. Maybe I shoulda went with my Top 20…

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