There seems to be lots of talk these days about people have addictive personalities. I don’t know if there is such a thing or not, but it seems to be aptly descriptive. I feel like I might be one of those with an addictive (or maybe just obsessive) personality.

Let’s talk about coffee for a minute. In a substance abuse counseling class I wrote a paper that compared my addiction to coffee to a meth-head. The prof didn’t see the comparison. But I found (now that I drink coffee again) there is almost no coffee I won’t drink and no time I won’t drink it. Take my in-laws well watered, uncleaned (granted the water is hard and has sulfur so is rough on a coffee pot) that I have fill with gluten-rich creamer to drink. It is literally killing me. Yet I drink it anyway.

Or what about 7-11 donuts. Also chock full of gluten and I eat them way too often (a problem I had overcome until we moved next to one again). BTW, 7-11 is the sbux of central Florida… They are everywhere.

Also, soft drinks or pop as we call it. Heartburn, here I come! Thanks again 7-11.

Anger, hatred, jealousy and resentment would also make the list of addictions. Fear, anxiety, distrust too. Strangely absent are things like unconditional love. Peace. Joy. Satisfaction no matter the circumstance. Those qualities are present in my life, not with the same regularity.

Why is it so easy to gravitate our addictions towards the things that literally kill us rather than the things which give life?

Who are we cheating with our addictions? Ourselves or our God?

Maybe some of both…

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