A little over 12 years ago I married Ronda and this August we had the opportunity to renew our vows on the beach here in Jax.  This was a very exciting and enjoyable time for our lives.  We felt like we had reached a moment in our married life that we wanted to reaffirm and share with our friends and the world that we are more committed to each other now than we were 12 years ago when we first married.  While my wife is a beautiful bride, this is not the bride I want to talk about for a few minutes.

I want to talk about the Beautiful Bride of Christ.  I have struggled with this bride and had what may be considered affairs along with polygamy (because I’m married to Ronda and I consider myself to be a part of the Church which makes me a bride to Christ… odd terminology, but it works and it provokes you to thoughts).

I like the Flyleaf song, Beautiful Bride (which is kinda the impetus for this post). This song speaks of how the church stands together and is unified under one purpose, even despite the drastic and wide diversity that exists within it.

I think in many ways it is this diversity that causes the church to have the kind if impact it does. A few years ago I left a church ministry in which I felt wronged. When I left, I became very angry and directed my anger towards the Church. I began to rebel against the institution and idea of the organized church. I became a Christian who despised the Church and all history, whether glorious or not.

Here we are now, I believe the message of Christ cannot be furthered in this world apart from the Bride of Christ. When Christ was here on earth he began what became the Church. Granted, we have made many mistakes. But, we can’t throw out the baby with the bath water. The Church is our rightful place as Christians and it is our duty to love her and fight for her. Often times, we get angry we are ready to give up and take our toys and go home. When it comes to the Church we don’t have that right. If we aren’t a part of the solution we are a part of the problem.

When the Church screws it up, we should not run from her but to her in order to help become the solution.

And you ask ‘so what’?

So what is your response going to be? Are you gonna tear down the Church (and by doing so the Bride that Christ died for) or are you gonna fight for her becoming the solution when she falters?

Which do you think Christ would rather see?

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